Alexandria Technical & Community College 

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2020 TBD

 Benefits of the Job Fair
  • Talk face to face with employers
  • Learn more about participating companies
  • Expand your network of contacts

​ Why Companies Participate

  • Meet qualified applicants for current openings
  • Build an applicant pool for future openings

​ Preparation Tips

  • Prepare a resume that presents your skills, experience and education
  • Proof your resume - have someone else proof it as well
  • Develop and practice a brief "commercial" of yourself - include a summary of your experience, education, skills, strengths, and goals
  • Research the companies your interested in talking to at the Job Fair
  • Prepare questions that show interest and knowledge about the company

​ During the Job Fair

  • Be organized and have your resume readily available
  • Dress, speak and act professionally
  • Be assertive, offer a firm handshake and make direct eye contact while you use your "commercial" to introduce yourself
  • ​Demonstrate confidence
  • Collect company information and ask about follow-up procedures
  • Repeat your interest in the company

​ After the Job Fair

  • Send a thank you letter
  • Follow up. If you do not hear from an employer, make contact with them